Allergy Friendly Reviews™ is a website dedicated to reviewing Allergy Friendly Products and Services.

Allergy Friendly Reviews™ is a spin-off from www.AllergyZone.co.uk; a website I created to share our family’s experiences of living with allergies and intolerances.  The success of the “Tried & Tested” section made me realise that there was a demand for honest and unbiased product reviews of Allergy Friendly Products and Services.  Fortunately a combination of  hard work and good SEO resulted in highly ranked search engine results for my product reviews;  in some instances outranking extremely well known brands, sparking the idea for a really fantastic resource for the whole Allergy Community – Allergy Friendly Reviews™.

Expanding upon the work previously done on Allergy Zone,  I have built the site in such a way that anyone contributing a review will be rewarded with a direct link to their blog or website and a Twitter follow (if they wish).  This exposure creates opportunities for participating reviewers to increase traffic to their website or blog and gain new followers.

The benefit to Allergy Sufferers, is not only an excellent resource of allergy friendly reviews but also the opportunity to be introduced to the vast wealth of brilliantly talented, allergy related bloggers and allergy friendly websites that may otherwise have remained undiscovered to them.

I am fully committed to growing Allergy Friendly Reviews™  into the largest, most trusted and fully comprehensive resource of honest and unbiased Allergy Friendly Reviews.

 We review:

  • Food & Drink – Cakes and Confectionery (my children’s favourites!) to Savoury dishes and Wine
  • Health and Beauty – For the personal care of all family members from babies upwards we review a range of products from soaps and shampoos to Sun Protection, cosmetics and even creams targeted for specific purposes (ie. eczema, sensitive skin)
  • Home & Garden – This covers a whole range of things that you will encounter within your household environment from doing the laundry, what bedding you use through to appliances (vacuum cleaners etc).
  • Lifestyle – Books, Clothing, Allergy Alerting Products (stickers for children & medical bands, jewellery etc.), Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Hairdressers and Beauticians that cater for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Whether you suffer from food allergies, intolerances, asthma, eczema, coeliac disease or chemical sensitivities, I hope you find this website useful.