Provamel Cappuccino Soya Dessert

Provamel Cappuccino Soya Dessert

The following product review is for Provamel Cappuccino Soya Dessert. You can see reviews of similar allergy friendly products in our desserts category.

Provamel is a brand in the Alpro portfolio.  Its soya products offer consumers all the benefits of 100% certified organic soya beans and all its products guarantee the very highest sustainable and ethical standards of sourcing and production. Provamel is available solely and exclusively from independent health food stores and organic supermarkets.


      • water
      • raw cane sugar *
      • hulled soya beans * (6%)
      • wheat starch *
      • Maltodextrin *
      • coffee substitute * (0,7%)
      • thickener: carrageen
      • vanilla extract *
      • sea salt

* = organically grown

This Provamel Cappuccino Dessert is free from:

  • Lactose
  • Dairy

Available as:

500g (Pack of 4 x 125g pots)

Pot of Cappuccino Provamel Dessert

The Verdict

This Cappuccino dessert has a hint of coffee to it, the flavour of the coffee isn’t at all bitter, the overall taste is more like caramel with a touch of coffee .  You are left with a lovely caramelly aftertaste, it’s sweet but not too sweet.  The flavour reminded me of  mocca latte frappuccinos.  The consistency was nice and smooth with a silky texture.

This cappuccino dessert only contains 114kcal per pot which makes it a great little treat  for those watching their weight.

The whole family really enjoyed this dessert and the girls asked me to make sure that I bought some more.

 Provamel Cappuccino Dessert

A definite winner of a dessert from Provamel!

Please note that this Product Review is based purely on our family’s personal opinions and observations on how these Dairy and Lactose Free Provamel Cappuccino Desserts suited our requirements.



Please make sure you check all ingredients very carefully to ensure that they are suitable for your particular allergy or sensitivity before trying anything we have reviewed on Allergy Friendly Reviews.

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