Lull Sparkling Fruit Drink

Bottle and Glass of Lull Drink

The following product review is for Lull sparkling fruit drink. We have also reviewed other drinks which you can see here.

Lull is a lightly sparkling drink which is 100% natural, it’s a refreshing blend of berries and kiwi with a hint of lavender and eleven botanical extracts.   Every bottle of LULL contains 2000mg of natural botanicals carefully selected from around the world for their great taste, beneficial properties and amazing aromas.

This sparkling fruit drink is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soya Free, Dairy Free and Lactose Free. It contains no artificial colours or flavouring, no added sugar or sweetener, and no preservatives.  It’s suitable for vegetarians, dairy and lactose free and coeliacs (celiacs) and those allergic to egg and soya.  It is also suitable for diabetics as it contains only 4.1g fruit sugar per 100ml, it’s also great for anyone watching their calorie intake as it contains just 43 calories per bottle.


Sparking water, 30% fruit juice from concentrate: kiwi, blackberry, blackcurrant and red grape, botanical extracts 0.8%: lavender (1300mg), hibiscus (150mg), green tea (150mg), chamomile (50mg), lemon balm (50mg), lime blossom (50mg), passionflower (50mg),  jujube (50mg), hops (50mg), valerian (50mg), fennel (50mg), concentrate from carrot, magnesium, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C & E).

Lull  is free from:

  • Dairy
  • Milk
  • Lactose
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Soya
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial flavouring
  • Preservatives

Available as:

25oml bottle

We were very kindly given 2 bottles of Lull to sample when we visited the Lull stand at The Allergy Show in London.  The owner of Lull told us that she wanted to create a healthy soft drink that had calming and soothing properties.

The Verdict

The bottle is very attractive, the design is clean and simple.   The bottles are environmentally friendly due to being  made of a portion of  recycled aluminium and being completely recyclable.

Lull has a really fruity smell, it has a very subtle taste and is extremely fizzy.  It looks and smells really appealing.  I would say that it smells fruitier than it actually tastes, my husband thought it tasted slightly medicinal and the flavour reminded him of Purdeys.  I thought it was really nice and refreshing and I liked the fact that all the ingredients are natural and contain nothing nasty.  The kids all liked it too.


Available from : Lull Website, Fortnum & Mason, Partridges, Planet Organic,

Please note that this Product Review is based purely on our family’s personal opinions and observations on how Lull suited our requirements.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Available in: France, UK

Available from: Fortnum & Mason, Lull Website, Partridges, Planet Organic

Reviewer: Deb

Twitter: @AFReviews




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