Symprove – Dairy Free & Gluten Free Live Probiotic – Review

Symprove Dairy Free & Gluten Free Probiotic

This product review is for Symprove Probiotic which is Dairy and Gluten Free.

We were very kindly sent a free sample of Symprove Mango and Passion Fruit Flavour to review from Jenny in their Customer Care Department.

My husband who suffers from IBS tried and tested the Symprove over a period of 10 days.

According to Symprove’s Website:

Symprove – next generation live probiotics

Symprove is a completely new kind of live multi strain probiotic to support digestive health. As far as we know it is the only probiotic on the market to provide you with ALL of the following benefits making Symprove far more effective:

  • Symprove is the only probiotic which contains 4 types of live activated probiotic bacteria.
  • The probiotic bacteria in Symprove are active from the moment you swallow the drink. It takes less than 20 minutes for these friendly bacteria to start multiplying in the gut – that’s fast. Most other probiotic formats take many hours.
  • Symprove passes directly through the stomach to the small intestine without triggering a digestion ‘attack’ in the stomach.
  • People drink Symprove to maintain and support digestive health and Symprove helps to build up and balance the gut with friendly bacteria. Many health practitioners choose Symprove too. People like the fact that Symprove is lactose and gluten free and made with naturally occurring probiotic bacteria.

Symprove is the next generation probiotic because of its format and the way it works offering you distinct advantages over other probiotic products.


The 4 species of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria (LAB) in Symprove are:

  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Enterococcus faecium

Symprove also includes the following natural ingredients – water, extract of germinated barley (denatured to be gluten free), vitamin C, citrate and sorbate, which is found in berried fruit.

Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit contains Natural Flavours and Sweeteners.

Symprove is gluten and lactose free.

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Available as:

Original Flavour – 500ml Bottle
Mango & Passion Fruit Flavour – 500ml Bottle

The Verdict

My husband put Symprove to the test over a period of 10 days. He took 65ml of the Symprove liquid about ten minutes before his breakfast every day, the quantity you take is calculated according to your body weight. He has suffered from IBS for the last 15 years so we thought he would be the best candidate to trial the product.

It is recommended that you keep it in the fridge to maximise its shelf life

He said the taste was quite unusual and described it as a hoppy/malty taste mixed with fruit, he couldn’t distinguish the Mango or Passion Fruit flavours, just that it had a fruity taste. He wasn’t overly keen on the flavour, but he said that it wasn’t unpleasant and that it wouldn’t put him off drinking it.

Given the length of time that he has suffered from IBS he probably didn’t take the Symprove for long enough to feel the full benefits of it. He didn’t notice a dramatic difference in his IBS and it is difficult to say if there were any favourable results compared with a normal probiotic because he doesn’t usually take this either. This is definitely a good idea for people who would like to take probiotics but are unable to because of allergies and intolerances to dairy, lactose and or gluten.

Suitable for : Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free

Price : £19.50 Symprove’s Website

Please note that this Product Review is based purely on our family’s personal opinions and observations on how this Symprove Probiotic suited our requirements.

Please ensure that you always check all ingredients very carefully, before trying any of the products we have reviewed on Allergy Friendly Reviews and double check that the ingredients are suitable for your particular allergy.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Available in: UK



Please make sure you check all ingredients very carefully to ensure that they are suitable for your particular allergy or sensitivity before trying anything we have reviewed on Allergy Friendly Reviews.


  1. I have been taking Symprove for just over 3 weeks and at first i was disappointed as even up until a few days ago there was no improvement and i felt i had wasted a lot of money.
    However, in the last few days, ther has been a definate improvement. My extreme stomach cramps, pains and trapped wind have become less of an issue and my appetite has gone from one bowl of soup & half a roll per day to feeling constantly wanting to eat which is good as i was losing weight quickly.
    Over 20 years on PPI’s and a recent spell of antibiotics (which led to me being off work) must have just about wiped out any good bacteria in me whatsoever which is probably why it has taken a while to start making a difference.
    My IBS pains were getting so severe that i was coming home from work almost on a weekly basis which led to many meetings with the HR department.
    Years of appointments with doctors and gastroenterologists and every test under the sun had led to nothing, including freeze dried probiotics.
    I almost laughed when my gastroenterologist suggested Symprove but after 24 days of the recommended 90 day test, i am convinced that there has been improvement which no other treatment or drug has done and i already feel more confident about eating out and spending days out etc.
    I’m not saying the i won’t have bad days but i would strongly urge anybody with diagnosed IBS, stomach cramps or wind etc to please, please give it a go.
    Add to this that the mango & passionfruit is delicious and a refreshing way to start the day, you’d be a fool not to try it.
    I’ll be giving it the 90 days and if it continues then i shall carry on with it.
    It does work out very expensive, but as i said to my family, if it makes me feel better then it’ll be worth every penny because i was in severe pain from the moment i woke until the moment i went to sleep and this had started from childhood and gradually got worse.
    Just so happy i was recommended it.
    Russ Hyder 41

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