Small Medpac and Wristband

Small Medpac

The following product review is for a small Medpac and a Medpac Wristband. We have also reviewed other accessories  which you can see here.

When Jayne, the founder of Medpac’s daughter was diagnosed with a condition that required her to carry medication, two sets of photo id’s and a treatment plan with her at all times the idea of Medpac was born.

Jayne’s objectives when designing Medpac were based around making the product easily identifiable when needed in an emergency, ensuring that it was durable and hardwearing and also affordable.

Medpac is available in small and large sizes.  The dimensions are as follows:

Small: 17cm x 7cm x 5cm deep

Large: 20cm x 12 cm x 9cm deep

The Medpacs are made of  sturdy and splash proof bright orange nylon material, the colour was specifically chosen because it’s easy to spot in a handbag, school rucksack, sports bag etc.

Available as:

Small and Large Sizes

We were very kindly given a small Medpac and a Wristband to review when we visited the Medpac stand at The Allergy Show in Liverpool.

Small Medpac Interior

The Verdict

My daughter was using a Yellow Cross Minibag to carry her EpiPens in.  She also needs to carry around anti-histamines, an inhaler and steroids but she had to carry them separately as they wouldn’t fit into her Minibag along with her Epipens.

Small Medipac with contents

We absolutely loved this small Medpac as it could fit all of the medication that she needs to carry.  What we particularly liked about it was:

  • Can easily accomodate two EpiPens, an Inhaler, a packet of anti histamines and the steroids my daughter needs to carry with her
  • We like the internal elastic straps to secure the Epipens
  • Very easy to get EpiPens into as it zips the whole way round
  • Excellent price
  • Window on the outside for photo id and personal details
  • Treatment card & pocket inside
  • Bright orange colour makes Medpac easy to find inside your bag
  • Metal clip to attach Medpac to belt loop, rucksack etc
  • Strong loop on back for attaching to belt
  • Lightweight

Medpac packed & ready for school

 I think that Jayne can congratulate herself on very successfully achieving all the objectives she set out with when designing Medpac.

The Medpac’s are very competitively priced, a small Medpac retails at £5.99 and a large Medpac retails at £9.99.

You can see that my daughter is also wearing her silicone Medpac wristband which has “I carry emergency medicine in a Medpac” printed on it.  The wristbands are available in an adult and a child size and retail for £1.99 each.  These wristbands are great for situations when you may be unable to communicate for yourself and also for easily identifying young children who are in a group.

Available from : Medpac website

Please note that this Product Review is based purely on our family’s personal opinions and observations on how the small Medpac and Wristband suited our requirements.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Available in: UK

Available from: Medpac

Reviewer: Deb

Twitter: @AFReviews




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